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What to Expect

Making the appointment

Please call our office at 540-710-7111 and press option 4 to speak to the front desk. Please inform our receptionist if your pet is new to us and where we can obtain their previous medical records in advance. This allows us to be as prepared as possible for your pet’s appointment. Please allow at least 40 minutes in your schedule for your pet’s appointment.

What to bring

  • Paperwork:  For your convenience, you may go to our “Online Forms” section and click the links to fill out and electronically submit New Client paperwork. Otherwise, you should expect a text the day before your pet’s appointment containing those links.
  • Medical records (if they could not be obtained in advance).
  • A toy (especially for puppies, to keep them entertained during the appointment).
  • Urine/stool sample if needed: If your pet has a medical problem relating to urine or stool, please bring a fresh sample to the appointment. Please see these instructions on how to collect a sample.
  • Medications your pet is taking.

Confirmation: You will receive a phone call and/or text message the day before your appointment to confirm. When you make an appointment, we set aside dedicated time for your pet. Due to the high volume of appointments, non-emergency patients are being turned away if there are no openings in our schedule. We have a fair “No-Show” Policy which is enforced, so please be sure to call us at least 12 hours prior to your appointment if you need to reschedule to avoid being charged a non-cancellation fee. Leaving a voicemail or text messaging is also acceptable.

During the appointment

Check in: You and your pet will be warmly greeted by our receptionist. We will take care of any paperwork (if needed). If your pet is a canine, the receptionist will record your pet’s weight and have you take a seat.

Getting to know your pet: A technician will escort you and your pet into one of our exam rooms and begin asking questions to establish a medical history. He or she will also take your pet’s temperature and get an accurate weight. If your pet needs any laboratory samples collected, an assistant will take your pet to the treatment area for sample collection. The technician will also review and recommend any vaccinations or other preventative care. Be prepared for questions like:

  • What do you feed your pet?
  • Do you have any behavior concerns?
  • Is your pet on flea or tick prevention?
  • Is your pet on heartworm prevention or a monthly dewormer?
  • Has your pet had any past medical problems or major surgeries?

Examining your pet: Next, Dr. Kensek or Dr. Bond will meet you and examine your pet. We check all the body systems: teeth, ears, eyes, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, etc. If you tell us a specific concern, like “itchy skin,” we will focus on that of course. We offer different types of examinations. Our “Wellness exam” is a 15-30 minute exam to update any preventatives or vaccinations. Our “Comprehensive exam” is a 20-40 minute exam to discuss any health or behavioral concerns. If there are multiple concerns, we may only have time to address one or two, and in that case, we will have your pet return for a “Recheck exam” to follow up on any concerns and see how they are responding to treatments.

The Plan: After the exam, the doctor will discuss the exam findings and what we recommend for your pet’s care. This is where Lee’s Hill Pet Hospital differs from many other veterinary clinics. We believe veterinary care is a team sport and that team consists of the veterinarian, the technician, and YOU. We want you to be fully involved and informed every step of the way. There is usually more than one way to treat or test and we see it as our mission to give you all the tools and options, so together we can create a treatment plan that is tailored to your pet’s specific needs and your budget. We see our patients as individuals!

  • Diagnostics: The doctor may recommend tests. Most tests can be performed at our in-house laboratory, and we will call you with results the following day.
  • Treatment: After the exam, or if necessary, after lab tests, the doctor will prescribe treatments for your pet. These can include medications, shampoos, ointments, creams, etc. Almost all medications can be filled immediately through our in-house pharmacy. We strive to keep medications affordable and accessible.
  • Hospitalization: If your pet needs to stay with us for the day for further treatments or diagnostics, we will have a staff member assist you with consent forms and collect a deposit. They will then schedule you a pick up time to come back and discuss your pet’s plan with a team member or doctor.

Appointment Recap and Questions: After the doctor has completed his/her exam and discussed the plan with you, your technician will return to the exam room to ensure you fully understand the visit, medications dispensed and any charges. He/she will also provide you with any necessary handouts and schedule any follow up appointments, if needed.

Check out: After your technician has answered any questions you may have, the technician’s assistant will then come into the exam room to bill you out and bring you your pet’s medication and your receipt.

After the appointment: Expect a phone call from a staff member within the next few days to check on your pet and make sure he or she is doing well; If any tests were performed they will inform you of the results.

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