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Our services are designed to emphasize health care for your pet throughout all stages of their life. We provide excellent dental and surgical procedures, as well as comprehensive preventative and internal medicine. Please review some of our services below:

Preventative Medicine 
Is keeping your healthy pet healthy. This involves regular  exams, preventing diseases with vaccines, preventing both external & internal parasites and routine blood work to pick up on diseases before your pet becomes ill. We tailor vaccines to your pets’ needs and discourage over vaccinating. If you need tips on training and/or behavior, we are here to help.  Diet selection is important whether your pet is overweight, thin or healthy weight, we can offer advice.

Internal Medicine
Whether it be looking for a cure, controlling a disease or giving comfort care, we are here to help both you and your pet. Our full-service hospital offers an in-house laboratory, radiology suite and and a Radiologist performing our Ultrasounds on call .  We also work with external laboratories and have their internal medicine specialists available for consultations.  Rest assured, we offer the best medicine or have it at our finger tips.

Anesthesia is a concern to most; rest assured, we use the safest protocols available and tailor them to your pets condition, age and procedure. And during anesthesia, your pet is being closely monitored. We perform both routine surgeries (ie spays, neuters) and other soft-tissue procedures. We offer some services separately, such as microchipping, while under anesthesia. Referring orthopedic or other complicated cases to a specialist or other competent veterinarians depending on your budget since the price of surgery can vary dramatically.

Dental Services
With healthy pets, we discuss home dental care to prevent tartar build, gingivitis & bad breath. Anesthesia is typically required for a complete cleaning since pets typically do not cooperate in keeping their mouths open; also, intubation prevents water and dental debris from being aspirated. We ultrasonically remove the tartar, clean under the gum line then polish & fluoride treat the teeth. We try to save problem teeth if possible, but can extract ones which need to be removed.

Health Plans
Our Wellness Plans help to make petcare easy with a smart, affordable package of preventive veterinary care services. We offer 4 different plans. With any plan, you pay a one-time fee for the desired plan and that covers your pet for everything included for 365 days! There is no auto-renew. These set packages of services are designed to deliver routinely recommended preventive care like vaccines, physical exams, and more.

Plans made to help keep pets happy and healthy include:
Adult Dog/Cat
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