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About Us

We are a full-service, small animal veterinary hospital that has been serving the Fredericksburg area since 1999. Our mission is to partner with and educate owners to provide personalized veterinary care at an affordable price.


At Lee’s Hill Pet Hospital, we believe veterinary medicine is a team sport. You pet’s care team is made of the doctor, the technician and YOU! We invite you to become part of our LHPH family and work WITH us, side by side. We have an open-hospital policy and welcome you “in the back” for non-sterile procedures. We do as much as we can in the exam room with you and only have boundaries in place for safety reasons. We want you and your pets to feel at ease and we strive to maintain a relaxed, friendly environment. We don’t just want to treat your pet, we want to build a relationship with you both.


We are motivated as a team to continue our education in every way we can–through veterinary conferences, educational seminars, medical journals, networking with colleagues, etc. Our team strives to be ahead of the curve on new techniques and treatments.

As much as we love learning, we are even more passionate about sharing our information with you! Our medicine is centered around education. If your pet has specific ailment, like Diabetes, we want to help you become an expert on Diabetes. If you have a new puppy, we want to teach you about vaccines, deworming, and training. We also want to teach you what we know to save you money in the long run. Our team will happily teach you how to do treatments at home if possible.

WE WANT TO EMPOWER YOU THROUGH EDUCATION. We want to give you the tools you need to make informed decisions for your pet. We don’t want to sell you every product or service we have, but we want to make sure you know about them so you can consider all your options and confidently choose what is best for your pet. The more you know, the more you can prevent! Ultimately, our goal is to give your pet the best quality of life for as long as possible.


Dr. Kensek’s big heart is the center of this practice. We love every pet that walks through our doors. They are individuals and we tailor our care to meet their specific needs and to work within your budget. We offer hi-tech diagnostics and alternative therapies, but we are also grounded in practical medicine. Two pets may have the same illness, but their needs could be very different. Some pets recuperate peacefully in the hospital, while others are more comfortable in their own home.

We have a passion for homeless and disadvantage pets. Our hospital provides low-cost veterinary care to several local rescue groups, like Cause 4 Paws. We also have a charity, called Ellie’s Fund, that was established to give financial aid to pets in need. No matter who we are working with, patient care is our #1 priority and our heart is in everything we do.

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