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Digital X-ray and Ultrasound

Radiology helps identify a variety of pet issues including bone fractures, dysplasias, arthritis, and spinal disease. Various organs can be examined for irregularities such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract.

Here at Lee’s Hill Pet Hospital, we use the latest diagnostic imaging technology to ensure the best care for our pet patients! We are no longer using films, but rather have moved to digital radiographs (x-rays). These images can be taken faster and at a much higher resolution. In addition, the images can be manipulated and enlarged to enhance clarity. These precise, instantaneous results allow our veterinarians to focus on your pet’s area of concern more readily. These radiographs can also be sent to a specialist the same day if additional insight is needed. This ensures that our pet patients receive the veterinary care they need as soon as possible.

Digital radiographs are often used in conjunction with veterinary ultrasound when diagnosing pet health conditions. Where radiographs offer a two-dimensional view, ultrasound offers a three-dimensional view.

We work with MiVU Mobile Ultrasonographers. They come to our hospital and pet parents are able to be present while the procedure is done. With ultrasound, we can also obtain accurate biopsy samples to determine pet’s ailments, such as cancer. With regards to heart disease, the digital radiograph (x-ray) can show if lung disease is present and the size of the heart. Then, if the heart size is abnormal, an ultrasound can be used to see inside the heart and determine the precise disease. The uses of ultrasound are endless.

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